Do you rate or review books once you've read them?

I've been chatting to some friends about whether they ever leave book reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, and I was quite surprised to learn...

Author interviews

Authors are listed alphabetically, in surname order. Please press on the author's name to go to their interview. 



‘I’ve published seven books, my latest is “Haunting Whispers of Highland Waters” (published April 2022). “The Year We Lived” was published April 2021. It’s not part of a series as such, but part of something much bigger… You’ll understand when you read it!’



I am a former forestry worker turned author and my first book has only just been released ('22) 
My aim is to write thrillers that are so gripping, so captivating, that you can take a break from everyday life and get lost in a world of fiction’.



'I’m a novelist, short story writer, editor, and  lifelong aficionado of horror and dark humor. Over the years, my writing has appeared in many different anthologies and literary journals. I’m a member of Ladies of Horror Fiction, and one of my short stories was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. I live in upstate New York, and when I’m not busy writing and editing, I can often be found rummaging through antique shops, exploring allegedly haunted locations, or traipsing through old cemeteries with my digital camera.'


"Toula Mavridou-Messer has one of the most creative minds I have ever come across. In fact, her imagination knows no bounds!" - LA Writers Center
'I am complicated at times and totally predictable at others. 
My heart is in the right place and I am far more sensitive than you might imagine.'


‘I'm not the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ writer, despite having the same name! 
I write literary screwball comedies that not only entertain, but also ponder the meaning of life using down-to-earth characters and original storylines that are geared to stick with the reader for the rest of their days.’  
My 30-year career in PR has allowed to me to travel the World. I’m currently living in my 10th country in total. 
It's a Stray Dog's life is all about lives of dogs. Have you ever wondered what dogs are thinking? Now you can find out as Princess, Buster and Snowy share their lives.’


write stories featuring Gods, Devils, Dragons, Werewolves, Demons, Titans, Vampires and Mortals and my books are set in the same ALL world. 
My writing genres are Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic and Dystopian'.



‘I’m a multi-genre author of crime fiction, literary fiction and sci-fi, and I’ve recently started writing poetry too. Before I became a writer, I was a research scientist working in the field of bioengineering (though my PhD is in Physics) and my background in science often inspires my writing, in one way or another. I live in the Scottish Highlands where I grow my own vegetables and keep chickens.’



‘I am an author, ACSM certified personal trainer, certified Essentrics® instructor, and creator of
The Move More Institute™, an initiative to promote healthy active living by adding more movement/activity/motion to individuals' daily lives.
My background is in social psychology and health promotion research.'



‘I was born in Guyana, went to England and worked and studied in London before I took up residence in Sweden in the autumn of 1969.

In the 70s, I tried my hand at writing, mostly short stories, a four-act closet drama, a novella and an unfinished novel. I spent two years nurturing the ambition to become an author of some repute. But the going was tough, creating a sense of insecurity for the future.'



‘I live in Birmingham, UK with my three children and two cats, because I am clearly a sucker for punishment!  I’m a single mom (separated from my ex-husband in 2020) and a self-employed content writer and digital marketer, so life is pretty busy. I started to push myself out of my comfort zone and now I have a self-published novel which I am incredibly proud of, I am playing music again and I’ve started lyric writing.'

‘I am a writer and an art photographer. I am married with two children and live in the Highlands of Scotland. 
I came to writing later in life having followed several different paths. I’ve been a researcher, a teacher and even a reflexologist! I believe it’s never too late to start writing and that everyone has a story to tell.’


‘The "Z" in MY first name is pronounced like French "J" and I’m a wife and a mother to two wonderful young women. 
I’m also a mom to three pets, a writer, blogger and book reviewer. I write in the genre of Contemporary Adult Fantasy/Romance'