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Author interview with Bethany Bauerle

This week's interview is with author Bethany Bauerle who indie published her first book in 2022. She writes fantasy for Middle Grade & Young Adults, as well as penning children's books. So let's meet her:
'I'm a neurodivergent (AuDhd, Autism and ADHD) mom of two, a boy and a girl, who are the inspiration for my first children's book "My Brother is AU-Mazing!" 
I enjoy spending time with my family as much as I can, but when I get some time to myself you can find me reading, writing, listening to music, or watching movies. 
I'm a huge Swiftie and addicted to coffee, Starbucks is life.'  
At this point I had to ask what a Swiftie was - in case you don't know, it means she's a huge Taylor Swift fan! 'I love her music. She always tells a story. It's therapeutic and relatable.' 
Good to know! What else does she enjoy?
'I love watching Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel & DC movies, and basically anything Sci Fi/ Fantasy related. However, when it comes to books I'm pretty eclectic. I will read any and all genres if the book piques my interests.

I want to travel more and would love to live near a beach someday. However, I love the fall here in Indiana, so I would probably miss it too much.'

Can she give us a tweetable (tweet here):

'My books are more than tales; they're tools for empathy, celebrating neurodiversity, & spreading kindness.

Join me in this  beautiful journey of storytelling and making a difference!'

What made Bethany want to become a writer?
'My second grade teacher. I had always loved reading and started to write short stories here and there. I wanted to be a writer from the moment I opened my first copy of Chronicles of Narnia, but my teacher helped me truly realize my passion for it and inspired me to keep going. She read every story I wrote, even the bad ones, and I will never forget her kindness towards me. I grew up pretty poor so I couldn't to afford but books I went to the library A LOT. I'll never forget my incredibly kind teacher who gave me brand new books for Christmas and some journals for writing.'
Isn't it amazing how important good teachers are to students. Does she know Bethany's published 2 books?
'Honestly, I don't know. I haven't been able to find her. I hope that she does!'
I hope so too! What does she enjoy the most about writing?
'It's always been therapeutic to me, a way to let out my emotions, but I enjoy getting to know my characters and their personalities and struggles. I love that I can create a story that others can relate too or escape to another world. 
I want to spread the joy and excitement of reading to all ages. However, I think my favourite age group to write for is definitely children's books because they are just beginning to find their love for reading.'

So now she's paying it forward, I love that! Is she working on a new book, and how long do they usually take to write? 
'I have so many ideas in my head but I'm currently working on three books, one is a half finished upper YA fantasy romance and the other two are being drafted right now. The second is a children's picture book I'm writing with my seven year old daughter, and I'm also writing a middle grade fantasy adventure series. They usually take about 6 months to write.'
Gosh, that's a lot of ideas on the go at once - I couldn't do that! Does she have a daily writing routine, so she can meet all her targets?

'Usually I'm running around with Mom Life, but when I do get to sit down and have a moment to myself I light a candle, grab some coffee, and just pour my soul into the story I'm writing.'

What has she found the hardest part of her writing journey?

'Finding the time, and every writer struggles with self doubt. As for publishing, being an indie author you have to literally do it all. It's not easy, but to me it's all worth it!'

I'm glad she enjoys it! Does she read reviews of her books and how does she handle them?
'Sometimes, but not often. If I receive a bad review I've learned not to take it to heart. Utilising constructive criticism is a must as an author and your reader's suggestions do matter, but you should also write what you want. You will find the right audience it just takes time and patience.'

Good advice! So let's talk about 'My Brother is AU-Mazing!' Can she give us a synopsis?

'It's a heart-warming story and revolves around Addy's unwavering admiration for her big brother, Noah. 
Noah, a joyful and vibrant boy, perceives the world in a unique way due to his autism, a difference that often sets him apart. Despite these challenges, Noah's infectious joy and laughter significantly enrich the lives of those around him. 
Determined to showcase Noah's extraordinary world, Addy embarks on a mission to share with everyone the wonders of having an autistic sibling.Through their adventures, readers are invited to explore Noah's distinctive perspective and join the siblings on their remarkable journey of understanding, acceptance, and unconditional love. 
This narrative is a celebration of the special bond between siblings and a testament to the beauty of embracing differences.'

And a tweetable (tweet here):
'"My Brother is AU-Mazing!" is a touching tale of Addy's love for her autistic brother, Noah. A story of understanding, joy, and the special bond between siblings, it invites us to see the world through Noah's unique eyes. Join their journey of love and acceptance.'

Is it a stand-alone book?
'It will eventually be part of a series! I've been working on a few ideas for the next books. The series will be called "The AU-MAZING stories collection"'

Did she need to complete any research?

'I didn't do much research since I have personal experience and the story is inspired by my own children, but I did ask my daughter a lot of questions about how she felt and how she sees her big brother.'

Before we finish, is there anything else Bethany would like to share?
'My new publishing name will be MindGarden Books. I will still publish under my author name, of course, but Mindgarden Books is going to be dedicated especially to creating stories with neurodiverse characters and stories in mind and teaching children of all age groups about kindness, empathy, acceptance, and the joy of reading!

I'm hoping that in the future I can open this up as a publishing company for fellow indie writers.'

How wonderful! Can she tell us more, including whether authors should contact her yet?
'I'm so excited about it! Right now I'm still working on things. I'm filing an LLC soon and there's a bunch of other things I have to get setup with first. 
However, I can do reviews and share them with my followers for now until I open up a waiting list. Yes, they can DM if interested 😀'
So there you have it, if you'd like to work with Bethany, or find out more about this exceptional lady, please follow her links below:

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