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Author interview with Kerry Kennedy

My next author interview is with Kerry Kennedy who first published in 2022 and already has 20 books to her name - I'm shocked! They're mainly thrillers, sports romances, contemporary small town romances and mafia romances so let's meet her:

'I am a multi genre published author, indie author and web novelist, currently writing in my romance era. I have been writing ever since childhood and published my first book, Dakota, a suspense-thriller in 2022 followed by 12 more books over the last 18 months.

I live in Spain with my partner of 20 years, four cats and a Chihuahua. When I am not writing you will find me on a rock face climbing, on my bike or enjoying lengthy walks with my Chihuahua. I’m avid reader and blogger for all things books and travel.' 

I feel exhausted already 😅😂 Can she give us a tweetable? (tweet here)

'I'm a multi genre, coffee drinking, chocolate loving author currently in my romance and hockey era.' 

What inspired her to become a writer?

'I’ve always written. It came naturally to me as a child - I would write stories for my class friends and the school assembly.'

Gosh, she did start young! So, what does she enjoy the most about writing? 

'Developing my characters, creating scenery and fulfilling, engaging scenes for my readers. I love writing angsty romance for young adults, and gripping thrillers that have multiple plot twists and an end-twist nobody will see coming. I enjoy the solitude of writing and being wrapped up in my characters and their worlds.'

I'm still reeling from all those books she's written in such a short space of time - does she have a daily writing routine? 

'I usually start writing early mornings before work, since I work full time. I will write 30 minutes/2000 words then a further 2000 words during my day, when I can have a work from break. On average I will write 70K words in a month.'

She writes how much? OMG - my mind is officially blown! Whilst I try to process that, how long does it take her to write a novel then?

'A 200K word book will take me 12 weeks to write, an 80K book will take 6 weeks.'

I'm speechless (and that doesn't often happen!). Okay, trying to get back on track again 😕, what does she consider the best money she's ever spent as a writer? 

'My writing is free. I create my own covers so I guess my Canva Pro subscription, as I create my own marketing material there. And book trailers, and just about everything else. 

I do my own editing and proof reading too, and since I also write on Inkitt and Wattpad, I have an invaluable network of readers who religiously beta read for me and provide invaluable feedback.'

Oh wow, that's some support group. Does she still read reviews of her books then? 

'Yes, and I mainly receive good feedback for my books, whether published or web novels. I’ve only had one 1* rating but, you know, bad ratings spur others on to purchase books and not every book is for everyone. The way I see it, even the top names like Lucy Score, James Patterson and Elsie Silver receive damaging reviews.' 

True, and that's a great attitude! So let's get into one of her latest releases, 'Healing Hearts'. Can she give us a synopsis?

'Of course. Sage isn’t looking for love again however, finding herself back in Willowbrook after ten years, she discovers that her childhood sweetheart, Logan whose heart she broke before, is still in love with her. Can he convince her not to leave again and rekindle the special bond they previously had?'

Oohh, now I want to know more! Can she give us a short extract?

“You have always had my heart, Sage. You hang the moon, you are the stars that light up the sky at night. I’d crawl a thousand miles to be with you again.”

Aww, lovely! Is this book part of a series and, if so, which order should they be read?

'Healing Hearts is first, followed by Cuffing The Law (Book 2), then Love at Lazy Duke’s (Book 3), and All Your First Lasts is number 4.'

Does she have to complete research? 

'My most challenging research was learning all the rules for ice hockey, how NHL works, the team set up, plays, game schedules and the such.'

Yep, I'd have no idea either! To end our interview, I asked if there was anything else she’d like to share? 

'I love the communities on social media, where readers and authors can engage and share their works. The support is invaluable and I am extremely grateful for this.

If you love a second chance, small town romance then check out my latest publication of this month, that we discussed above (Healing Hearts) and my latest billionaire, enemies to lovers romance, Santa Fe Billionaire. Both are available wide.'

Excellent! If you'd like to find out more about Kerry, please visit her links below:

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