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Author interview with Wendy A Edwards

This week I’m chatting with Wendy A Edwards who lives in Scotland with her husband and three children. She writes fantasy books and was first indie published in 2023. So, let’s meet her:

‘I love reading and for years I have always daydreamed and made-up stories in my head, but I never wrote any of them down. I wish I had now.’

At least she’s doing it now, but what was the catalyst that inspired her to follow her dream?
‘It was question I asked my kids, ‘If you could do or be anything what would it be?’ Kids being kids they turned the question on me. My answer, ‘I would love to write a book.’ It all started from there.
I wanted them to know that if you put in the work and give your all you can make your own dreams come true.’
I love it that they turned it back onto her! She’s achieved it the indie route so was that a preference, such as speed of publication, or did she approach agents/ publishers first?
‘I wouldn't know where to start if I wanted to go the traditional route. I never started out thinking I would publish for everyone to read. I just wanted a way to publish my story and hold it in my hands, maybe give some copies to my family.
When I started to research how to do that, I came across KDP and was surprised that I could self-publish and make it available for others to read. I thought, why not? Let’s give it a go.
I love that I have control over it all. Life is chaotic and I like the fact I can set my own timetable. Book 2 is coming along at a steady pace but my family comes first, so when they need me my writing goes on hold.’
That sounds the perfect fit! What does her daily writing routine look like?  
‘I write when inspiration hits, usually when the kids are at school or after they are in bed. I don’t really have a writing routine, this is all still new to me and sometimes I wonder how I ever found the time to write the first book.’
But she did and that’s the main thing! What about research, did she need to complete any?
‘There was a lot of things I had to research, some were easier than others like fighting styles or how fast a wolf runs. Others took some time like Piezoelectric flooring. I mostly did the research as I went.’
Writing is such a solitary endeavour - does she have a writing support network?
‘I agree it can be a solitary life, but I have found some great support from the writing community on twitter/X. With my first book I had a group of friends and family that read the book before I published. I never knew about how to get your book out there and seen. It has been a steep learning curve and I think I will look into Beta/ARC readers for future books.’
It sounds like she’s learnt a lot in a short time but now she’s doing it, what does she enjoy the most?
‘I love the point when it feels like the characters are taking over and the story takes unexpected turns, or when I read over what I have written and it brings a tear to my eye.’
And the hardest part?
‘I think the hardest part for me was trimming it down and deciding what wasn’t needed from the first draft.
The editing stage was also a huge learning curve and realising that you need to draw the line and call it done or it will never get finished.’
So true! She classifies her work as ‘clean’, was that to make it suitable for the youth market?
‘When I first imagined Hunter's Fated Wait it wasn't a clean romance, but I knew my kids wanted to be involved. They wanted to read my book so that was the reason I made this series suitable for all. My 13-year-old and my mother-in-law were the first people to read the book. It was my 13-year-old that made the artwork that is in my book.’
How lovely! I asked Wendy for a synopsis of Hunter’s Fated Wait.
‘Hunter never thought he would be an Alpha until a series of unfortunate events occur and he finds himself as leader of Pine Lodge Pack. The fate of the pack rests solely on his shoulders until an unexpected arrival turns his world upside down. Can he rise to the challenge and heal a pack that has been neglected for so long?
Alison returns to Pine Lodge Pack after three years away. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice, but fate has other plans. Can she come to terms with her greatest loss, and will she find her place in the pack she once called home?
Join Hunter and Ali on their journey to rebuild Pine Lodge Pack, one fight at a time.’
Ooh, sounds good! Here’s a tweetable version (tweet here):
‘Hunter never expected to become an Alpha. Ali never expected to return to Pine Lodge Pack. Can he keep a secret from the one person that will change his life? Can she get her vengeance?
Hunter’s Fated Wait link
Which scene was the hardest to write?
‘I don’t like to give away too many spoilers but there is a scene that Ali breaks down while doing laundry. Every time I came to this part while editing it would cause me to cry.’
Aw! She mentioned earlier there’s a book 2 - how far has she got with it?
‘It is almost at the edit stage. I also have another story in the works. It is hard to find time to write while I juggle marketing book 1 and family life.’
Does she read reviews of her books? 
‘I do read reviews. I appreciate the time someone has taken to read and review my book and I get a huge boost when someone has left a good review. I also understand that everyone likes different things and my book might not be for everyone.
I am thrilled with how well it is going and love that people are leaving reviews, Hunter's Fated Wait is a story I wanted to read and I hope going forward I will keep writing stories I want to read.’
Certainly the reviews I’ve read online have been exceptional, so she’s doing a great job! If you would like to learn more about this new author, please follow Wendy’s links below:

Twitter: @AuthorWA
Facebook: WAEdwardsAuthor
Instagram: @wendyedwards

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