Monday, April 25, 2022

Four books already!

I really can't believe that these books are now featured on my blog! 


It has been a crazy two months and I'd like to thank the amazing authors who let me read their work, before answering all my questions so graciously! You are all amazing and I'm so grateful!


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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Sneaky peaky of new review - Unveiling


I thought you might like to see the next book that will be featuring on my blog! 


This is another debut novel, a contemporary Adult Fantasy/Romance written by Zel Winter and it will be live early-May


Can I contain my excitement? Barely, so I have to share it with you 😄  

Why not take a visit to the author's twitter, instagram or website pages to see more?

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Friday, April 15, 2022

Author interview Tom Franks/ Book review - Little Lamb



I’m delighted to introduce debut novelist Tom Franks to Tweetables. Tom is a former forestry worker turned author. His first book has only just been released and his aim is to ‘write thrillers that are so gripping, so captivating, that you can take a break from everyday life and get lost in a world of fiction’. That certainly sums up what I’m looking for in a novel!

I asked Tom to introduce himself in a tweetable-sized format and he says (tweet here):

‘British author of unputdownable thrillers.’

Short and sweet, I like that! He writes in the genres of crime/ thriller and hasn’t yet decided if he will turn ‘Little Lamb’ into a series. He is currently working on another standalone novel.

I asked Tom what inspired him to write this book. He says, I always loved reading crime fiction and, as a teen, would often write short stories. This novel is the product of short story I wrote when I was 16 years old. 14 years later, I began turning it into a novel.’

This fascinated me so I asked why it had taken so long. He explains, ‘Turning my short story into a novel was something I’d always wanted to do, but never thought I’d get the time. However, when I moved from the UK to USA, my work permit was delayed due to covid and I had time thrust upon me. I decided to use that time to finally start writing my novel.’

I asked about his writing process as creating your first book is a huge undertaking. Most novelists ask for feedback so I wanted to know who helped him. ‘I used lots of family and friends who were under strict instruction to be very honest with me. Since the release of my novel I’ve spent time engaging with people who enjoy the thriller genre. I reached out to some who read Little Lamb and asked if they would beta read my second novel. It’s a great opportunity to have unbiased readers look over my work and build relationships within the industry. It’s always nice making new friends!’

Too true! I wondered whether he had a mentor or someone more experienced to guide him through the process, and he replied, ‘Not really, but I do have a great support network. My wife has been amazing, encouraging me to chase this dream. She has to put up with me bouncing lots of ideas off over her almost everyday!

But also, some of the people I’ve met through social media who love my writing. Hearing that people, who I’ve never met, enjoy something I’ve created is all the inspiration I need.’

He’s already receiving reviews on Little Lamb and I wanted to know whether he’s reading them and what he feels about this feedback. He says, I do, and I always remember that everyone has their own opinion and preference. Good and bad reviews are necessary to help me improve and grow as an author.’

I always think it’s lovely that we have the chance to talk to the author through our reviews, but writers don’t get that same opportunity. I asked him what he would like to say to his readers? ‘Just a ‘thank you’, I hope this is the beginning of a long literary career and their support and encouragement make it possible. Also, don’t forget to review my book, it’s important!’

As this book has been so long in the making I asked what he would say to his younger writing self now, and he says, ‘Don’t take a break from writing, get that novel written now!’

He’s obviously enjoying writing, so I asked why and he replies, ‘It’s cathartic. I put pen to paper when I draft and just let it flow naturally. It’s also nice to get wrapped up in a creation from my own mind.’

So what is he finding the most difficult? ‘The unknown. Learning about the industry, worrying about how my book would be received, and making a success of something I am passionate about.’

I ended by asking about his favourite novel, Right now it’s ‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelides. I thoroughly enjoy his writing style; it carries realism in an effortless manner and keeps you captivated without using any outlandish, obscure twists.’


I started by asking Tom to give us a synopsis of his book:

‘Detective Sergeant Scott Harris was bored. A once celebrated, successful detective, he was responsible for the conclusion of several high profile cases, but action and excitement in his profession had become few and far between.

Scott needed a challenge, he craved it and without it, his cynicism grew by the minute. Little did he know, his greatest test was right around the corner and his disillusion would lead to someone's life hanging in the balance.

When a girl goes missing, his scepticism leads to him dropping the ball early and by the time he becomes aware of his blunder, it may already be too late.

Scott would have to draw on all of his experience, resilience and cunning to rescue the girl and rectify his mistake in what would truly become a matter of life and death.’

I sure that’s whetted your appetite! And how about our debut novelist’s writing style? I asked Tom to give us one of his favourite extracts:

He shoved his way through some of the dense blackthorn, the spines pulling at his clothes like dozens of tiny hands urging him to stop, to turn around, to go back and call for help. He broke through the last part of spiky undergrowth, brushing himself free of any branches that had latched on to his clothing and increased his pace, his shoes sinking into the damp earth, rotting twigs and pine needles crackling beneath him.’

This is our first meeting with Detective Sergeant Scott Harris, our protagonist, who’s decidedly jaded having been in the force for twenty years. He’s world-weary, hates paperwork and is grumpy most of the time, but that’s because his life isn’t going too well.

Then we have our victim, the beautiful blonde Sara Williams who we meet as she goes out for her daily jog before work. You know something’s going to happen and I loved the lump-in-throat prelude to the action. Needless to say, her world gets turned upside down as Michael Thompson thrusts himself into her life. He’s a clean freak who hasn’t had the best start in life and I disliked him from the second he appeared in the book. This is not someone I wanted to know, let alone get kidnapped by, but he’s a fascinating antagonist.

This is the setup and I’m not going to spoil it by giving away more of the story - you need to read it for yourself!

I’m a fan of thrillers because I love a pacy plot, and Tom has certainly achieved that in Little Lamb. Even typing the name of the book gives me shivers, as it’s used by one of the characters and I have to say, I’m still a little haunted!

Yes, elements of a crime novel need to be formulaic but Tom’s plotting is strong and there’s a big twist I really didn’t see coming. The chapters are short and I loved how the character’s point-of-view kept changing - it’s always fascinating seeing the story through someone else’s eyes and Tom took some interesting choices which I found refreshing.

Tom has done a good job in crafting his first book and it will be interesting to see how his literary career progresses. I found Little Lamb an enjoyable read and can recommend to fans of crime fiction.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Sneaky peaky of next review - Little Lamb


I thought you might like to see the fourth book that will be featuring on my blog! This one is a debut novel, a crime thriller written by Tom Franks and will be live mid-April.

I asked Tom to introduce himself to you in a tweetable-sized format and he says (tweet here):

‘British author of unputdownable thrillers.’

Can I contain my excitement? Barely, so I have to share it with you 😄  

Why not take a visit to the author's twitter, instagram or facebook pages to see more?


The book review and author interview will be online around the 15th April - I can't wait 😁  

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