Monday, March 18, 2024

Revisiting Helen Sedgwick

I chatted with Helen Sedgwick in June 2022 (click here to view) and loved her book, What doesn't break us. I was keen to find out what had happened since our chat:

'The last time we spoke was shortly before my folk horror crime novel, What Doesn’t Break Us, was released – which seems like so long ago now! That book was the final instalment of my trilogy, The Burrowhead Mysteries, and after having spent several years writing crime and folk horror it was a joy to move on to write something completely different: I’ve spent the last two years working on a science fiction series!

I’m now in the final stages of redrafting and editing my sci-fi series, which is currently three books and might be extended to four. Because I’m a multi-genre author I get to change genre and tone and, in this case, my entire approach and thematic heart from book to book!

I have written the whole science fiction series simultaneously because the books are inter-connected using ideas from quantum entanglement, so in a sense they form a whole entangled ecosystem. Set on four strikingly different and distant planets, they explore the strength of our connection to the natural world and to one another, by reimagining how we live and the possible societies we might create after environmental collapse. You can expect quantum technology, entirely natural woodland communities, gender-fluid society, love stories, political rage, social anarchy, regenerating mycelium, an extension of what family means, and a blurring of the lines between utopia and dystopia; between science fiction and our present-day reality.'

Oh wow! I can't wait to read them! What does she have planned going forward – is there anything readers should watch out for?'Because I’ve been writing all the novels in my sci-fi series at once, it has been a long term project for me. I’m hoping to have them all finished and sent to my agent by the end of this year. 

After that, hopefully, they will be published – but at the moment I don’t know if they’ll be published all at once, or sequentially, or in a box set or with some other experimental form of publishing schedule. Not only are the books interconnected but they can be read in any order, and each book deepens the reader’s understanding of the others, so there’s a lot to play with when it comes to how they are published. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!'

It will be interesting to see what happens! If you'd like to find out more about this talented author, please click on her links below:





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