Saturday, September 3, 2022

Celebrating the non-fiction titles so far...

And so the party begins!🥳🎉😊 To celebrate the first 6 months of Tweetables, I'm going to run some feature blog posts to highlight some of the brilliant books I've reviewed 🥳

I'm starting with two wonderful non-fiction titles. Both of these writers are experts in their fields and it shows in the quality of their work. My first is:

Amanda's brilliant exercise book is aimed at seniors because all of the exercises are seated - click here to read the interview and book review in full. As I failed Amanda's balance test at the front of the book, I benefited from the exercises, as did my test subjects in their 50s, 60s and 70s, so it's well worth taking a look to see if you have any friends and family who might benefit too. In overview I said:

'I found the book quite a page-turner and I think anyone interested in health, no matter what their age, would enjoy reading this.' 

Her tweetable synopsis of her book reads: (tweet here)

“Chair Exercises for Fall Prevention” is a #book geared for #seniors or adults who want to work on their #balance but need a break from standing #exercises

My second fabulous non-fiction title is:

Toula's excellent workbook is aimed at getting you to recognise the positive things in your life. With world news seeming to revel in reporting doom, gloom and misery, it’s trickier than ever to remain upbeat but the genius of this book is realising that so much good happens daily but you don't always recognise it at the time. Click here to read in full, but I said:

'Toula’s introduction, where she talks about having a stressful day and using gratitude to put things back into perspective, really spoke to me.' 

Her tweetable synopsis reads: (tweet here)

‘The key to having a great life is gratitude. If you want to be happy and motivated, transform your life in just 30 days from now with my bestselling motivational selfhelp book ‘Attitude of Gratitude.’ 

What more could you ask!


Both of these books are really worth reading and the authors were so delightful to work with - thank you ladies! 

I'll be discussing more of my books/ authors over the next 2 weeks - I hope you join me in the celebrations!


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