Monday, September 5, 2022

Celebrating crime novels so far...

Woohoo, I'm still in a party mood 🎉🥳 and today I'm celebrating the two wonderful crime novels I've featured so far. They are very different from each other and are written by two very talented writers. The first is:

Helen's book was the third in a series of  her ‘Burrowhead Mysteries’ novels and to give you a flavour, I said, 'To give a quick overview of the series, the stories are seated in the crime/ supernatural genre and take place in the northern coastal village of Burrowhead.'

I asked Helen for a tweetable synopsis and she said  (tweet here)

‘In an isolated village, broken by the guilt of the crimes it has buried, can a group of outsiders find connection with the past before it destroys them all?’

I bet that's whet your appetite! Take a look at the full author interview and book review here

My second wonderful crime novel is:

This was Tom's first novel and it was converted from a short story he'd written 14 years ago! He says:

‘Turning my short story into a novel was something I’d always wanted to do, but never thought I’d get the time. However, when I moved from the UK to USA, my work permit was delayed due to covid and I had time thrust upon me. I decided to use that time to finally start writing my novel.’

You can read his full interview and book review here

The celebrations will continue throughout the week, so watch out for other books you might have missed!

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