Thursday, September 1, 2022

Celebrating 6 months and 12 wonderful books!


You'll have to indulge me a little this month, as it's been 6 months since  Tweetables launched and I'm in the mood for celebrating what an amazing adventure it's been so far!
12 wonderful authors have given their time so graciously and allowed me to ask them any questions. All, without fail, have been so generous and such a delight to work with - I'm so grateful for their time and in awe of their talent.
Then there are the 12 amazing books that I've had the privilege of reading. Fiction and non-fiction, in a wide variety of genres from crime to horror to kids - what a wild ride!
So I'm going to use the next couple of weeks to celebrate what's been achieved so far, signposting you to interviews you might have missed. Then we return to business as usual in the middle of September, with the next book review/ author interview (and spoiler alert, it's just been  shortlisted for an award, so it's another cracker!).
And talking of usual, I am changing the blog format slightly going forward. I've realised that reading 2 books / interviewing 2 authors a month is a little more time-consuming than my life allows. So, big announcement, from November I will feature one book review/ author interview at the start of each month, with a second author interview (no book  review) being featured in the middle of each month. This revision will allow me a little breathing space, as it's been a crazy-busy 6 months but it's been worth it. My blog stats tell me nearly 11,000 people have visited the blog so far, which is phenomenal. Thank you so much for your support, I'm truly humbled.

The only 'issue' I've encountered is the commenting facility within  Blogger's software. I'm blown away that there have been more than 100 comments left, but saddened by the emails and private messages from people who have struggled to leave a comment. So, to make like easier going forward, I've decided to take commenting off but please continue to leave comments on Twitter. I love the feedback (and so do the authors!).

Thank you for your support and do keep a watch out for posts over the next couple of weeks, there are some fab interviews that you might have missed the first time around. Now, where's that Prosecco..... hic!