Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Revisiting Duane Simolke

I completed an interview with Duane back in January 2023 (link here) and loved his book, The Acorn Stories. I was keen to catch up and find out what had happened since our chat:

'Several years back, I released Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure. It took quite a while to write and turned out much shorter than I expected. However, I love the resulting book; it contains lots of action, humor, and romance. Mostly, though, I love the chemistry between its characters.

For a while, I thought I would switch back from novels to short stories, since I was having so much more trouble finding time to write. I focused on creating new stories set in Texas, even though I had ideas brewing for another scifi novel.

The stories, unfortunately, just didn’t turn out as well as the ones I wrote for The Acorn Stories and The Acorn Gathering. Some I just never finished, finally realizing my heart just wasn’t in them.

Other worlds called out to me. An Iroquois family led the cast in Sons of Taldra. They often became involved in danger and heroics. Taldra even led the human home world in the alternate reality I had created for that book and one of my previous novels, Degranon. Both books told self-contained stories that avoided cliff-hanger endings, but I later considered other possibilities for the characters.

Of the family members, Argen was the most fragile and vulnerable, the most misunderstood. Since I already had ideas for a spinoff, I kept wondering what would happen if I put Argen in it, separating him from his loved ones and leaving him alone to save the day.

The novel I’m now writing uses the working title Argen: A Science Fiction Adventure. It might take me a long time to write, but I love coming back to a tale with classic science fiction elements like time and space travel and alternate history. It’s all here, slowly unravelling on the pages I write or the thoughts in the back of my head. My love for storytelling keeps the possibilities going, and I’ll eventually share the finished novel with my readers.

(Artwork by Anadelaossa, based on Argen, a character from #Degranon and #SonsOfTaldra.)

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