Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Sneaky peeky at interview with Tom McCaffrey

This month's author interview is with Tom McCaffrey who seems a real force of nature. A writer, blogger, lawyer, husband, father, grandfather... the list goes on, and he still has time to talk to me about his fascinating books and career.

We chat about his series, which started with the unexpected bestseller 'The Wise Ass', which was followed by 'An Alien Appeal' and  'Kissing My Ass Goodbye'. His new novel is titled 'Finding Jimmy Moran' and the omens look good for a further bestseller - what a star! 

Our interview goes live on the 15th June and it's a fascinating read but if you'd like to learn more about Tom, please visit his links below:

Twitter:  @wisecelt
Instagram: Wisecelt

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