Saturday, March 4, 2023

Page turner awards 2023

Huge congratulations!

Today the celebrations continue with more medals for the authors featured on Tweetables!
The 'Page Turner Awards' are for the 5 authors who received the highest blog reader engagement but did not win one of the 5 'Most Popular Author' awards yesterday (see here) Feedback was received through comments/ messages/ emails/ DMs, etc. sent to Tweetables, and there were many, so thank you so much!
These medals will be attached to their interviews in recognition of their achievement - congratulations, you're all amazing! If you missed their interview, just click on their names below 😀

Maximilian Sam - you loved our interview, the dog photos and his book, and he just missed out on a medal yesterday. His book's synopsis (tweet here): ‘Have you ever wondered what dogs are thinking? Now you can find out as Princess, Buster and Snowy share their lives.’ 
Max is a huge supporter of other writers and even won a writing community award in 2022. He has highlighted Tweetables several times on his blog (site here) so it's not only stray dogs that he befriends! 😘🤗 By the way, his second book is equally adorable!

Jess Frankel - another amazing author and you love his HAE endings and the magical worlds he creates (me too!). He's thanked Tweetables countless times publicly too (another lovely guy 😘🤗) and has written several books since our chat (he's so prolific!) Here's an extract from Thread Weaver: (tweet here): ‘As I plummeted through the wormhole, I remembered a saying. In space, no one can hear you scream. But this was New York, and I was sure that everyone could hear me scream.’

Toula Mavridou-Messer - you loved our interview and found Toula's outlook inspiring and her help invaluable (me too, on both counts!). Another great author who has published more work since. The synopsis of this book is (press here) ‘The key to having a great life is gratitude. If you want to be happy and motivated, transform your life in just 30 days from now with my bestselling motivational selfhelp book ‘Attitude of Gratitude.’  

Amanda Sterczyk - another outstanding non-fiction writer whom you loved, and I don't blame you! You liked how well-researched her work is and how her expertise shines through. Another talented lady and she's now expanded into audible books too! The synopsis of her book is (tweet here)  “Chair Exercises for Fall Prevention” is a #book geared for #seniors or adults who want to work on their #balance but need a break from standing #exercises

Simon Van Der Velde - like me, you loved the brilliant concept behind this book and the level of indepth research Simon weaved throughout his short stories. His next Backstories book should be out soon! Can you guess who this person is? (tweet here) The Guitar - No doubt about it, he was a bright kid, talented even. He was quick on his feet and with his mouth too, and he could smack a baseball out of the park. But he was a Jew, and he was short…

Please do click on their names and read their interviews/ book reviews, and see for yourself what all the buzz has been about! And thank you so much for reading.

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