Friday, March 3, 2023

Most popular interviews in 2022/23

Huge congratulations!

I didn't feel I could let this year go by without sharing more of Tweetables' achievements. The first is that there have been over 20,000 visitors to the blog in this first year alone - whaaaat? This figure blows my mind 🤯 
So a huge thank you to all of you, for your support, as they'd be no point me chatting with all of these talented authors if you didn't read their interviews, so thank you so much for reading!
I've also been monitoring which interviews have been read the most. The authors don't know about this so sssshhh, this is just between us, but I think we should congratulate the top 5 writers who obviously engaged you the most!
So, without further ado (I've always wanted to say that!), I'm delighted to announce that the top 5 most read interviews, as at 28th February 2023, are:
Lisa is a talented writer, singer, well, the list goes on (click on her name above to read more). Here's a synopsis of her brilliant book (tweet here):

‘An alternate history where a fragile balance holds tragedy at bay. In a world far darker than it once was, will we risk losing our humanity, for the sake of humanity? Either way, millions will die in these unprecedented times…’

Liz was my first author and I'm so grateful for her kindness during my setup months! Here's a quote from her fabulous novel 'The Unravelling' (tweet here)

‘A cappuccino.’ He spoke clearly but slowly, as if he was a stranger here.
‘One shot or two?’ He looked like a two-shot kind of guy.
He gazed at me with thinly veiled contempt. ‘Oh, you only get one shot.’

Duane's fun look at smalltown America is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and he's so skilful in drawing characters. Here's an extract (tweet here):

'People tell me a little more than they should. Well, a lot more than they should. Actually, people tell me way too much. Or they say too many things where I can hear them, which is just the same as telling me, as far as I'm concerned.'

Faith was my second book review and Shane was a joy to interview. His novella was extremely popular with readers too - here's a synopsis (tweet here)
The world burns and humanity teeters on the edge of annihilation.
Heather fights for survival. After she rescues 8 year old Sarah, everything changes A dystopian, postapocalyptic novella.

Martin was my first author-interview where I didn't complete a book review, although I've read it since because he made me laugh so much! Here's a tweetable extract from Nothing Sacred (tweet here)

Morning arrived, as it often does, all bright and frisky and annoyingly full of hope. Another day dawned on the wickedly slow pace of planetary evolution. The earth rotates one more time. The moon disappears, and the sun resumes sunning - cyclical blessings from the patron saint of second chances.’

 A huge congratulations to all of these authors for scoring so highly with you and I will attach a 'Most Popular 2023' medal to their interviews to signify their achievement in my first year. 
However, this can't be the end of the medals because I've also received correspondence and comments from readers, either feedback about an interview or comments after reading one of the reviewed books, and I'd like the authors to know that you cared enough to get in touch. 
This is a tough one though, as I'd really love to give awards to all of my authors, because they're all brilliant and have all received great feedback - without exception! However, sense dictates capping it, so another 5 authors will each receive a 'Page turner' medal, to signify the level of audience engagement they've generated. These will be announced tomorrow! I look forward to seeing you then!
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