Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Celebrating several stories in 1 book...

Woohoo, I'm still in a party mood 🎉🥳 - is that allowed? 7 days and counting...? Oh who cares, it's fun!

Today I'm celebrating three wonderful novels that are made up of several different stories.  The first is:

‘It’s a stray dog’s life’ is a charming book for children, featuring three stray dogs and the adventures they encounter.  It tackles some tricky subjects but with such a skilfully light touch that they’re very accessible. Why not read the interview and review in full (click here) 
I asked Max for a tweetable synopsis of his book and he says (tweet here):

‘Have you ever wondered what dogs are thinking? Now you can find out as Princess, Buster and Snowy share their lives.’

My second book is completely different!

Larry's book is full of fresh, realistic stories that don’t shy away from tough subjects and he has created an array of memorable protagonists. I asked him for a tweetable-sized extract of one of his favourite parts of the book and he says (tweet here):

On this Friday evening of summer, I find myself strolling streets of Stockholm. No plans on how to pass the night, dreading the thought of going home alone.’

Why not read the full review and interview here

And my third book is completely different yet again:

Talk about value for money - 29 short stories all with gory themes! The compilation is highly entertaining with each story being unique in style, content and length.

I asked Gerri for a tweetable synopsis of her book (click here):

‘An absolute must-read for all who enjoy their horror with gallons of blood, lashings of guts, and dollops of severed body parts! Brutally crafted to chill the soul and turn the stomach.’

I don't think I need to say any more! Take a look at the full article here

The celebrations will continue throughout the week, so watch out for other books you might have missed!

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