Friday, July 8, 2022

Sneaky peek at 'Unprecedented Times'

Can you believe it? I'm about to publish my 10th author interview and book review😲🤯- where has the time gone??🥳🎉📚

To celebrate I've got a great science-fiction/dystopian fiction title for you. 'Unprecedented Times' is by debut novelist Lisa Thomas and she's donating part of her book proceeds to charity.

I asked Lisa to introduce herself, and her wonderful book, to you and she says (Tweet here):

Lisa Thomas, debut novelist, author of Unprecedented Times, a sci-fi dystopian novel and part one of a trilogy. Based on the pandemic, in this alternate history we must choose, do we risk losing our humanity for the sake of humanity?

Has that whetted your appetite? I hope so because it's a cracking good read! Find out more by visiting:

A link to ALL Lisa’s links:



Twitter: (new handle oct '23)



You can also find her on YouTube, TikTok, Amazon Author profile, Goodreads author profile, GIPHY, links to her media mentions and lyrics.

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