Please find some information below to help you use this blog.


Throughout the blog you will find sections with a Tweet this link (you can tell it's a link because if you hover over the words, the link will change colour - can you spot the link in the first sentence?). This is called a tweetable and if you press the link above, it will send a test tweet through to your twitter page, so you can have a play and then delete it (don't worry, it won't tweet it unless you press the Tweet button at the base of the post!).


How it works: By pressing the link, it opens a new window and redirects you to Twitter. The highlighted text in the blog post is now ready to be tweeted to your followers (but you can edit it if you wish - cool, eh!). It also includes a link back to the article you're reading so that your friends can read it too. This is a quick and easy way of sharing information with your followers, so I hope you have a go and enjoy using them.